We are pleased to see so many are coming for the festival, it's amazing! Don't wait too long if you would like to attend all the workshops, there are only a limited number of full passes left and still plenty of space to join the parties.

Here are a few annoncements:

- The schedule is complete, yay! Go check it out atwww.cphfusion.dk/schedule You can also find the teacher line up and very soon the class descriptions too. 

- Meal tickets are in sale now. They are 140 kr and cover lunch Saturday and Sunday. The food is all vegan, glutenfree and nourishing. NOTE that if you want to have lunch you have to buy a ticket in advance. The sale closes five days before the event, so our lovely chef Lea will know how many to cook for. They are available here: https://billetfix.dk/da/e/cph-fusion-festival-2018/ 

- We need Copenhageners to host nice people (including some of our most amazing volunteers!) so please sign up in this document if you have room - or need a place to stay. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eKOjhRwSjr89GQBBuYs_PciIVN_-6dP45dzTFlYs12Q/edit?usp=sharing

Looking forward to dancing with you all soon!

Much love
Nuno & Natasha

Nuno Catharina Pedersen

Wow, you really put us on a hard job! There were six dance videos and all of them were equally inspiring, but we had to select a winner. And the winning videos are:

The winner of 1 x Full Pass: Camilla Schnack Tellefsen
The winner of 1 x Party Pass: Caroline Lognone


You all win at being brave, beautiful and f****** amazing! Thank you SO much for all the contributions that were both sweet, captivating, touching, impressive and hilarious. You ladies rock! And thank you sharing the joy of dancing, this was a beautiful reminder for us, why we are creating this.

We really hope to see all of you in September, because it is you - all you participants from near and far - dancing your hearts out together that are the true magic of the festival <3

Much love
Nuno & Natasha

Nuno Catharina Pedersen

Here is a chance to win a free festival pass, so listen up! 
CPH Fusion Festival is a celebration of dance, and in fusion dancing you endless possibilities for expressing yourself and to create, combine and inspire each other. The festival is about sharing the joy, and we would like you to share your passion!

WHAT: Film yourself dancing (max 3 min). It is also possible to use an existing recording. Post it here on the event - and send a link or video-file to hello@cphfusion.dk so we have your email address. You can be yourself, with a partner or a group. Here is an example https://youtu.be/9ZziJLKuKvA It doesn't have to be filmed in high quality, phone is okay. 
The winner will be rewarded with 1 x festival pass, and we draw 1 x party pass among all submissions.

HOW: How will it be judged? We are not looking for technical superpro's and regardless of whether you have just discovered dancing or been doing it for years, you are all encouraged to join. This is simply sharing YOUR joy of dancing <3

WHY: Dance is more than just moving by yourself and it can just as inspiring to watch others in their zone. The logo for the festival is the ensō (円相 , "circle"), a zen symbol that express "a moment when the mind is free to let the body create", allowing for movement and development. We want to give the opportunity to someone who wants to explore, develop and let themself free at the festival.

WHEN: The competition is open from August 1st-15th. The winners will be announced on Friday the 17th.

3, 2, 1... dance!

Nuno Catharina Pedersen

In three months from now we will kick off this year's fusion festival the 14-16th September 2018 with new and excting classes, endless hours on the dance floor and celebration of the pure joy of dancing. Here's a little throwback to some of last year's moments. Tickets are available at https://billetfix.dk/da/e/cph-fusion-festival-2018/

Photos from last year in the Gallery by Benoît Guérin photography

Afro roots with Lisa and amazing live drummers

Afro roots with Lisa and amazing live drummers


Yup yup the website is up and running again - and so are we! Running excited around because the teacher line up is nearly complete, and juicy funky bluesy groovy and classy workshop descriptions are ticking in. This means a program full of fun and challenging dances just for you and YOU.

PS. Did you notice the thing in small at the bottom of the website? (We are accepting volunteer applications). Direct link:www.cphfusion.dk/volunteer


Yeah, this is essentially what the festival is; an opportunity to dance - in every way you feel like, and we are thrilled to see it advertised among many other international dance events on Dancing Opportunities. Do yourself a favor and check out the inspiring platform and please(!) give your friends abroad a heads up if they are interested in coming to Copenhagen, so we can help them get the most our of their stay and their dancing <3




Get your festival pass with discount. Early Bird tickets are in sale till May 1st! Get your ticket now and let these gentlemen salute you.

Nuno Catharina Pedersen

The Easter Bunny was here and it brought tickets for CPH Fusion Festival 2018!

This means you can now sign up for a whole weekend with workshops, just for the parties or even a single night. Regardless of your choice, we are looking much forward to seeing your beautiful dancing faces <3

Sign up early! Plan ahead and get your festival pass with discount. Early Bird tickets are available but beware that there is only a limited number; it's first come, first serve.

Get your ticket at BilletFix

Nuno Catharina Pedersen

Those are the heart of the CPH Fusion Festival. Dance is beyond words and can make us go beyond our own imagination. We try to embrace the many ways dancing can bring joy in our lives through a curious exploration of improvisation - in partner dance, solo dance and contact improvisation - rooted in connection; with ourselves, with music, with silence, with each other.

The more we move, the less we get stuck. Prepare to get un-stuck and move those bodies!

Photo: Benoit Guerin Photography

Photo: Benoit Guerin Photography

Nuno Catharina Pedersen