Here is a chance to win a free festival pass, so listen up! 
CPH Fusion Festival is a celebration of dance, and in fusion dancing you endless possibilities for expressing yourself and to create, combine and inspire each other. The festival is about sharing the joy, and we would like you to share your passion!

WHAT: Film yourself dancing (max 3 min). It is also possible to use an existing recording. Post it here on the event - and send a link or video-file to so we have your email address. You can be yourself, with a partner or a group. Here is an example It doesn't have to be filmed in high quality, phone is okay. 
The winner will be rewarded with 1 x festival pass, and we draw 1 x party pass among all submissions.

HOW: How will it be judged? We are not looking for technical superpro's and regardless of whether you have just discovered dancing or been doing it for years, you are all encouraged to join. This is simply sharing YOUR joy of dancing <3

WHY: Dance is more than just moving by yourself and it can just as inspiring to watch others in their zone. The logo for the festival is the ensō (円相 , "circle"), a zen symbol that express "a moment when the mind is free to let the body create", allowing for movement and development. We want to give the opportunity to someone who wants to explore, develop and let themself free at the festival.

WHEN: The competition is open from August 1st-15th. The winners will be announced on Friday the 17th.

3, 2, 1... dance!

Nuno Catharina Pedersen